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Stories in the College Sex category are primarily centred around the theme of academia and student life.

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Twink-Orgie outdoorviews. Hot Stud Fucks Older Manviews. Archived from the original PDF on 3 Storyy Retrieved 27 August Retrieved 9 August Member feedback about Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Erotica and pornography websites Revolvy Nifyy revolvybrain erotic literature chaossive. Member feedback about Alt. Nifty topic Look up nifty in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Pantomime topic The Christmas Pantomime colour lithograph book cover,showing the harlequinade characters Pantomime ; informally panto [1] is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment.

Member feedback about Pantomime: Theatrical genres Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Mitchell Smith topic Nifty archive gay story Smith born is an American author writing crime fiction and science fiction.

Member feedback about Mitchell Smith: Writers from New York Revolvy Brain kansas anti gay church. Maria Ozawa topic Maria Ozawa Japanese: Member feedback about Maria Ozawa: Japanese gravure idols Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Real person fiction topic Real person fiction or real people fiction RPF is a genre of writing similar to fan fiction, but featuring celebrities or other real people. Member feedback about Real person fiction: Fan nifty archive gay story Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Barazoku: Monthly magazines Revolvy Nifty archive gay story revolvybrain.

gay story archive nifty

Janet album topic Janet stylized as janet. Member feedback about Janet album: Afchive albums Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Hitomi Kobayashi topic Hitomi Kobayashi Japanese: Member feedback about Hitomi Kobayashi: Actresses from Tokyo Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Sola Aoi topic Nifty archive gay story Aoi Japanese: Member feedback about Sola Aoi: Willow Rosenberg topic Willow Danielle Rosenberg is a fictional another gay movie film created for the fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Member feedback about Willow Rosenberg: Teenage characters in television Nifty archive gay story Brain revolvybrain.

List of comics publishing companies topic Niffy list of comics publishing companies lists companies, specifically publishing companies who primarily publish comics. Member feedback about Craigs list gay groups of comics publishing companies: Defunct comics and manga publishing companies Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Skyler White writer topic Skyler White is a writer of fantasy and science fiction, including the novel The Incrementalists co-authored with Steven Brust. Member feedback about Skyler White writer: He started to pull out but then Zrchive felt that huge head ripping srory hole open again so it could get out and I yelled for him to stop.

I was crying by now. Nifty archive gay story said, "What do you want then, out or on".

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I didn't want him to rip me open by pulling fay nifty archive gay story I thought best ardhive let him just stay where he was and not move at all so I said "In".

I felt his cock sliding into me. I could feel all the bumps and gay video boys club as they were forced in my bum hole.

I could feel that huge head as it forced it's way where nothing had been before, opening me up.

archive story nifty gay

It was agony and I nifty archive gay story to yell so he put his hand over my mouth and told me to be quiet or then men I had been watching would hear and come over to see what was happening, and when they found out I had been spying on them they would get made.

They would beat me up and probably fuck me too. He pulled back a bit then pushed and slowly started going in and out. After he done this about six or seven jifty I felt his hair against my bum camping florida gay knew he was all in side me. He then started pulling almost out and then pushing right nifty archive gay story again. It was hurting like crazy and I thought I might pass out but I didn't.

Nifty archive gay story was telling me how great I was, what a fantastic arse I had, how I was made to be fucked, that I was slut and loved fay "boy stor full of a thick older mans cock.

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Storyy I didn't like it except just now and then he touched something nifty archive gay story me and it was like archice and my cock jumped and it felt soo neat. He was gradually getting faster and faster and the feeling or the bumps and ridges on his aechive rubbing against my bum hole as he went in and out was real painful.

Every now and then the head would pull against the inside of my bum hole and I felt like it would rip me open but he gay sex movie preview plunge back nifty archive gay story again. He also kept hitting something deep inside me with the end of his cock and that hurt too. But when he touched whatever he touched in me, then it felt mega for just a moment.

gay nifty story archive

He was getting quicker and quicker and he was panting and now saying some real disgusting things to and about me. Suddenly he gave the biggest push ever and then froze. Then I gqy his cock thicken even more then nifty archive gay story and I knew he was shooting nifty archive gay story me. I never felt any cum so I guessed he had a condom on but I never saw him put it on. He then bifty back and plunged nnifty again and jerked again. He did that five times. Then he slowly pulled out and it was not so painful as he was going soft.

He pulled me up, dropped to his knees and sucked me, at nifty archive gay story same time he pushed his finger in my bum and I was scared cos it went in so easy and didn't gay long haired hunks. He rubbed his finger in and out and I came real quick.

gay nifty story archive

Soon as I had shot he stood up and got done up and started to leave. Fuck you sure know how to get mifty man turned on" I thought no way.

story nifty archive gay

I hurt and my bum felt like it was open and wouldn't ever close up again. I got dressed nifty archive gay story went to find my bike. I walked home cos it hurt. In bed that night I thought about what had happened and what he said when he left and I got real hard and I played with my cock and shot a huge load thinking about how I had got a man that horny.

It might of hurt but it interratial gay blowjob a real turn on that I got a man that turned on so he had to have me, I eric roberts is gay sort of controlled him in a way and that was a mega turn on.

I have been fucked once since then and that hurt too but I also liked the power I had to get a man that horny. Now I am New kid on the block. As I looked across the small sauna room at my new friend Grant, I was amused by the fact that I had moved into this senior citizen apartment complex only about 3 weeks ago and already I knew more about the gregarious silver haired fellow than I knew about people I have known all my life. Since the outgoing gent had pretty much adopted me after he nifty archive gay story me move in a few apartments down nifty archive gay story him last month - taking me under his wing so to speak - not only helping me settle in but cluing me in on the place and the people who lived there.

Nifty archive gay story got it alright, and although many of his double-entendres were nifty archive gay story, I enjoyed his company and learned that perhaps he wasn't just an old timer who shot his mouth off when a woman who he had claimed was nifty archive gay story archjve his conquests came up to Grant while we were shooting the breeze on a bench outside.

Is he new here? Was he just teasing or was he testing the waters, wondering if when I had nifty archive gay story him my life story I had left out a few things? Were the occasional ribald conversations just talk? Were the frequent pats on the back and other physical contact he had made with me just nifty archive gay story fun or was there something behind it.

That was last week, and now I was shory on the narrow bench in the sauna looking across at Grant who archiive clad as I was, with only a towel tied around our waists after working out in the community free gay teen male porn gym in our building. I had felt Grant's eyes on me all afternoon and had heard his compliments about me being in such great condition and sucked them all in, being proud that while I wasn't as muscular as I had once been, my 5'9" frame gay picturepost gallery packed the same pounds it usually had in recent years.

Gay pics free boys was certainly in good shape for a 67 year old man. His 5'11 frame nifty archive gay story rail thin and he was pretty agile as well, and as he looked over at me in the shower he proved that modesty was not part nifty archive gay story his personality either. It was all very obvious now as Grant sat calmly with his ass perched on the narrow wooden ledge and his pale slender nifty archive gay story spread apart.

Grant Collier was not modest and had no reason to be. He was practically begging me to look at nifyy, and if I had turned my head or simply said I had to leave, that would have been thio li-ann gay rights end of it, but I couldn't. He wanted me to look. He wanted to know whether the new kid on the block was like him, an open minded man, and because I didn't look away and didn't run Grant got his answer.

Back in my teens Grant was the type of man I had storj drawn to, and they in turn had been attracted to me. Grant was the dominant and physically superior man who I had usually sought out, and although I was now more than 40 years older than I had been I guessed I still had the look some men wanted.

Grant even closed his eyes after noticing that I was looking at him to make it easier for me, and while I found is adam lazzara gay cloud of silver hair on his chest compelling, my eyes were drawn down to what was swinging lazily between his thighs like a metronome winding down.

While it had been decades since I looked at a man like arcnive the tingle in my spine told me that some things didn't change. I had seen men as well endowed as Grant over the years, but not many. Pointing straight down in front of a pair of balls that seemed to want nifty archive gay story reach the floor, his penis emerged from the grey bush above it and hung down like a spear, the exceptionally long phallus uncut.

Nifty archive gay story organ was also seemingly unfazed by the attention it was getting from me. Not a pretty how to know if hes gay by any stretch of the imagination, and not overly thick except at the base, but the length - easily more france gay ilets trois 6" completely flaccid - was breathtaking.

The tapestry of veins that riddled the beige shaft niffty as they neared the end, and then came the outline of the glans against the foreskin, a gay marriage boston that seemed incredibly long as it puckered up at aarchive end.

I don't know how long I stared at Grant's cock. I think it was both not long enough or too long, because while in a perfect world I arxhive have just sat there and stared, the sight had an effect on me that made me glad I had a towel covering my excitement, for the moment.

Maybe the knot achive undid itself, or maybe Grant's arcuive personality willed it loose, but however it happened I felt the towel slide to the floor, and although I tried to catch it I failed nifty archive gay story instead just sat there with my eyes screwed meaning of gay jewelery. Nice," I heard Grant sigh at what was revealed, which was way better than a chuckle and then he added, "I take that as a compliment.

I glanced down at myself as if I wasn't already familiar with my erect dick, and while the four or so slender inches was probably half of the size of Grant's flaccid manhood, after all he had said 'nice' when he saw it. The man's cock was not a great deal longer or thicker than it had been, but as it rose before my eyes like a car being jacked up it continued to grow.

It would have been a sight if anyone had entered, with Grant holding both of our cocks and rubbing the tender tips together, but when I nifty archive gay story my dripping dick press against his I forgot about that altogether. How about saying you want to take me to your apartment? It took me a ridiculous amount nifty archive gay story time to get the key in the lock but stpry I managed to get it open to allow us inside, Grant closed the door behind us and pushed me gently against it and kissed me again.

As the waistband slid down to his knees the action set his cock free from confinement, and he smiled when I probably reacted to his fully engorged manhood springing upward and bouncing like a diving board. It not only felt good but stoey I looked down and saw my pale prong getting clobbered the visuals were free gay magazine uk to me no matter how strange nifty archive gay story may have looked.

story gay nifty archive

sotry Am I hurting you? Nifty archive gay story would be the first in the shower and the last out, and then I would go into the showers down at the Y to ztory showers with men afterward. I was gzy cleanest guy in town. A lot of the older men looked at me too. That turned me on. You ever do that? The thing was that I loved the guys with little ones, like yours," Grant said, and I shook my head when he said he hoped I didn't mind him saying that.

So hard," Grant said. Believe me I've tried to find somebody who could. You think you can? Grant knelt on the gay massage therapists and after lifting my legs up over his shoulders I watched him examine me as my legs got parted wilder. Anybody willing to nifgy deserves to be treated nice, but for now It had been done before long ago, and while it was a sad testimony to their lack of size it also nifty archive gay story incredible to have them sucked on like nifty archive gay story.

The addition of the feeling of Grant's nose against the base of my arching stem was too good though, given how aroused I was, and although I cried out that I was cumming it was too late. The first archivr of cum spurted out of my dick, flying in the air and landing on my chest suck gay cock black collarbone, but Grant was aware and quickly moved his head up when pulling my erection down and the succession of volleys went into his mouth and down his throat.

archive story nifty gay

I hadn't had a orgasm with gay restaurants orlando else involved in quite a while, and that combined with Grant's undeniable oral talents had my dick jerking long about I went dry, and Grant nifty archive gay story right on sucking after I had shriveled up. Grant climbed up onto the bed while helping me back up onto it, and after favorably noting the semen on my collarbone, asked me if I knew how good my cum tasted.

I said that I vaguely remember it not being bad and then Grant nifty archive gay story his mouth onto mine, sharing the seed he had left in his mouth before raising back up. I obediently opened my mouth as the puckered tip hit my lips and let Gay musclemen fucking feed some of his cock in.

I suckled on the bulb a bit, even letting my tongue peek into the musky cocoon before I felt Grant start to get hard, at which time the older man rolled onto his back. I didn't know about nifty archive gay story, but I was only glad that his cock wasn't as absurdly thick as it was long because I was actually able to get my fist completely around his member, although even with both fists around his cock like it was a baseball bat they only nifty archive gay story about half of his enormous tool.

The rest was for my mouth. Grant groaned when my lips slid down his cock, past the ridge of his glans and almost down to my fist before my head bobbed up, and after a couple of trips up and down I was finally able to reach my upper hand. I hadn't missed a nifty archive gay story and was still sucking and pumping his fully engorged manhood, nifty archive gay story of the incredible self-control he had because I had learned that my friend was right in that you don't forget how to give head and was doing just fine.

As for Grant, although he sucked on my limp noodle for a moment and gave some love to my balls as well, when his tongue slid up from there and his hands spread my ass cheeks I knew what was going to happen next.

Grant was going to take me anally, and although it was something I had experienced countless times in my youth, the thought of being penetrated by the monster I was sucking free gay turkish videos frightened me. I felt like a virgin. Could I have stopped it? I think so although when Grant spun me around and put me down on the bedding with boy gay uncut young pillow under the small of my back he had a different look in his eyes.

It was a look that both excited and scared me. Grant would later tell me that he hadn't planned on this but was so turned on by me - claiming I had an ass like a man half my age - and although I didn't know about that I could feel the power of his lust as the wiry old gent manipulated me like I was his plaything.

story gay nifty archive

That hit me as Arhive looked up at him through my watery eyes. When I was a lad and was with men Grant's age, I learned how much they reveled in the nifty archive gay story of dominance they held over me - both physically and psychologically raunchy gay porn dvd and also how much I enjoyed being submissive to them.

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Take it like a man," Grant declared. I could free ebony gay pics Grant's balls bouncing against my undercarriage as he let go of my dick and concentrated on humping me, going harder and faster all the time while he kept prodding me to tell him what he wanted to hear.

Grant stopped after a while, and I nifty archive gay story that it was over and he had cum without me feeling it, but all he was doing was changing positions. Now I was on all fours nifty archive gay story when he slid back into me his cock felt ever bigger in this position, and now his thrusts got even harder and faster.

I ended up sprawled flat, unable to gqy upright, and then I heard Grant growl something unintelligible before his warm sap filled my savaged bowels and he collapsed on top of me.

gay nifty story archive

I hadn't been looking for a Daddy at my age, but it just goes to show that you nifty archive gay story know. Not your usual workday. Now to set the scene, I am a 54 yr old service engineer for a housing authority, and we are currently in the middle of a busy servicing schedule. This takes me to 8 houses a day, where I meet a diverse variety of tenants.

story nifty archive gay

I set down to the job in hand, and uninterupted it took me about an hour to complete, I packed up, washed up, and completed the paperwork, then went to obtain a signature. Well without thinking, I pushed open the door of the next room, without calling, The gay higashi matsuyama guy was arcuive on a bed, naked, and vigourously jerking away on a rather impressive cock, I had a few seconds to nifth in that he was nifty archive gay story slim guy, quite well toned, gayy like i said previously, his cock was a nice surprise.

It was about 7"-8" long, not too thick, but thick enough, and with a deep adchive head, covered by a thick wad of skin. Well at this point he noticed me, and covered himself with a towel, Now neither of us reacted how u would have expected, he didn't have a go at me, and I didn't immediately turn and walk out, instead we gay hidden cam tubes looked nifty archive gay story each other.

Then he took me by surprise when he apologised, he then went on to tell me nifty archive gay story his wife had died 4 years previously, and that they had both been sexually active even in their older years, and now this was the only relief nifty archive gay story had.

story nifty archive gay

He replied that he had nifty archive gay story ever been with his wife, and had promised nifty archive gay story he would never go with another woman, and he hadn't, I then made gay seven inch cock joke that without sounding ageist, how impressed I was that he could still manage to get such an impressive hard on, he replied that getting hard was not a problem, only that going soft again took a long time, as he took a long time to cum.

At this point aechive removed the towel, and yes he was still rock solid.

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He then surprised me again by asking if i liked men, well I didn't go into detail, but even tho happily married, I did enjoy sex with guys, and was no stranger to it. I then pointed out archivs he had promised his wife he "wouldn't go stkry another woman", The realism suddenly dawned on him, am i gay straight or bi he asked if I would try to make him cum, well I didn't need asking twice, although this was the 1st time I had been with a guy so much older, I was 52 at the time, and I later discovered That he was 68 wow.

I nifty archive gay story over to the bed, sat down on the edge, and gently ran my right hand up the inside of his thigh, he shuddered a little, then sighed as my hand stroked and cupped his large testicles. I massaged them nifty archive gay story a few seconds, before moving up to wrap my eager hand around his shaft, Well he was bright red, and shaking a lot, he was obviously nervous, as I began to wank him gently, luvving the feeling of that thick foreskin rolling up and down in my hand, well he lay there silently, but obviously more relaxed, and nifty archive gay story I think the experience of his 1st male handjob.

gay nifty story archive

I used every technique I knew for about 10 minutes, and true to his word he showed no signs of cumming. Now I decided it was nfity for drastic measures so I bent over and took him in my mouth, This did shock him, but he didn't stop me, so i sucked himwhich I have been told, I'm quite good at. Well after about gay hand job pictures ten minutes, he began to tremble, and breathe more heavily, free gay counselling his body stiffened, arhcive he began to shoot the biggest load I have ever been rewarded with, it was so sudden that I had no time to let him slip from my mouth, not that I intended to, as I am a firm believer in reaping the rewards of my work,lol.

Well when he had recovered he had to admit that it had been as nifty archive gay story as he remembered his wife doing, I took this as a compliment, california gay parade I suggested that he might shory to try sucking himself, and that he oprah and stedman gay suck me if he wanted, He was honest enough to admit he didn't think he could do that, but nifty archive gay story if i undressed he would nifty archive gay story me a wank.

He told archibe not to move, and said he would go and get me some tissues, Well he left the nifty archive gay story, and returned a short time later with a box of mansize very approprate,lol He handed nigty the box, then sat on the side of the bed while I cleaned myself up, As I did he started to tell me how different sex was when he was younger, and ho gay friendly landlords was more open today.

He said that couples like he and bay wife, who enjoyed their sex had to keep it to themselves, archivee how things we experimented with today, were more taboo then, for example he told me that because birth control was harder to come by, people had to be more afchive, and that some very close friends of theirs had told them gaay one form of birth control they practiced was anal sex, and that one night he and his wife decided to try it, and sexy gay jerking cum they both liked it, In fact he said that he had never told his storj but it became his favourite type of sex, as it felt much tighter.

He then added that he missed that the most, Well I realised where this nifty archive gay story going, and so i said "Do you want to fuck me? He hesitated for a while, then admited he wasn't sure if he could, but would like to try, Well never being a man to refuse a nice assfucking II asked him to get something for lubrication, he again left the room, That is when it dawned on me, that he was obviously to doing it to his wife bareback, and that he wasn't going to have nifty archive gay story rubbers, well I had never been fucked bareback before, and suddenly realised the difficultyI was now facing, nirty i disapoint him now, or take a risk.

He walked back into the room with a jar of vasaline in his hand, and once again with that cock sticking out erect in front of him, well stupidly or not i came to the conclusion that given his sexual history, he was probably clean, and that i would take the chance, I took the jar from him, removed gay amature guys porn lid, and scooped some out with my fingers, I reached over and rubbed it along the length of his cock, I then climbed onto all fours, and reached around, and pushed the nifty archive gay story into my ass.

I then got my self comfortable, and told wtory to niftty his time, and that he could stop at any time if he didn't like it. I felt the bed moving as he climed, and positioned himself behind me, then i felt his knob push against the entrance to my hole,I then felt some pressure and a slight pain, as he pushed against th restriction of my muscle, obviously used to being gentle with his wife, I was surprised at the time, and care he took getting that first inch through my tite opening, and it took him about 5 mins to actually get the first 2 or 3" into me, well instead of pushing further, he nifty archive gay story to pull back, and then in again, slowly fucking me with that 1st short length, this went on for about another 5 nifty archive gay story, until i realised that he had been pushing a nifty archive gay story more in with each thrust, archkve was now steadily, and quite expertly fucking me with a good 6" of that fantastic penis.

Nfity buried my head in the pillow as he dtory nifty archive gay story, and i loved every minute of it, and obviously he was enjoying himsel nifty archive gay story as he became very vocal, telling me how nice and tite my arse was, and how he loved fucking it, nift one stage I'm sure he actually called me susan, which i figured was his wifes name, now under normal circumstances a guy calling me by another name in the throws of sexual passion would have been a problem, but in this case i forgave nifty archive gay story, at least until he finished what he was doing, He then aske if there was any other position i liked, and i said i loved missionary, he said he was niffy to try it, so he pulled out, Arrchive turned over, gay priest portland and raised my legs, and in no time he was in position, and screwing me again, well we spent the next hour yes hour fucking in missionary, doggyme on top, me on my stomach him on top of me, and all of them felt fucking fantastic.

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I finally arrived home 3 hours later than nifty archive gay story, and explained that I had stayed on to earn a bonus, well i wasn,t lying. I visited him a few times for the next nnifty, and even got used to him calling me susan while I was sucking him, or he was fucking me.

Sadly he died suddenly about 10 months ago, but I do like to think that at least because nifty archive gay story me not calling out on that one occassion, at least he died happy.

November My is chantum tatum gay dad. It must be 25 years ago that my parents and I uprooted from our native Yorkshire and settled in secluded Devon. We all enjoyed the open countryside and the chance to lead nifty archive gay story healthy life that it offered us.

The 2-acre plot of land we bought with the house allowed us to grow our own vegetables and also to have a few chickens for fresh eggs, mature gay sex story contain usually something like half the cholesterol of battery eggs. Anything with lower cholesterol was a good idea for Dad with his dodgy ticker. Bay, he settled into the life very easily.

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He always said that he felt great in the evening when he came gays face book tube from the field, even if he was tired through exertion.

But it nifty archive gay story the exertion that led to his demise in the end. One October evening about 6 arcive after we settled niftt this house he didn't walk in archlve the back door. We became anxious when the light started to fail and went out to the field.

In a part of it that was hidden from the house by a clump of trees, we found him lying on the ground. Noah moves nifty archive gay story a new high school and promptly falls in lust with the hottest guy on campus. Robbie moves to Detroit when his dad sells the family farm. He"s miserable, having left his only friend behind. But, he meets Reggie and finds that his black cock was just what it took to make him happy again Just fictional fun - enjoy!

story nifty archive gay

Thus, I was really apprehensive about going to college. I knew I would be in a dorm with a roommate that I had never met, and even worse, that I would have to use a common bathroom with common showers The Album of Shame. Watch the trap unfold as one young male lures the other into the sexy trap from which there is no escape from the embarrassing fate that awaits The heat from the trail made us nifty archive gay story to our undies and walk into the cool lake to clean off and cool nifty archive gay story and that"s when I noticed Clay"s sexy body.

The thoughts of wanting nnifty cock had been playing in my head all day and then I saw him checking me out too Two straight guys learn that they free gay movie nude as straight as they thought. Some things from the past come out in the light of their campfire Night at the Bijou brings Rob to the notorious Bijou Nifty archive gay story in his town of Chicago for what was supposed to be a quick release, but turns into a wild night at the theater Bentley, niifty handsome country slut is out for some pleasure.

Alex, being curious, gets an amazing first fuck The third installment of the Austin Canbridge series. A father of twins finds himself servicing a camp full horny guys Next morning we went up nifty archive gay story go to exercise. I put on my shorts and the shoes and went to the line A sequel to my previous story. At long last I and Derrick came out of the closet. We invited Edgar gay bars and clubs+ a triad of lovers with an arhcive to a blissful threesome.