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We hear that some big names on the Hill are extremely nervous at the moment - not because of the Levy mystery gannon gay reporter but because what such a solution might reveal.

The MPD could also face possible blowback because of its involvement a few years back in a major gay blackmail scandal, perhaps involving some of the same players. The story is being kept gannon gay reporter wraps by news media lawyers - Newsweek and www hot gay list com Village Voice have both spiked articles - but this much can be told:.

A former Gannon gay reporter congressman wrote a lurid account for Newsmax, allegedly based on knowledgeable sources, that claimed Levy to have been the victim of a gay prostitute who has since returned to his native country.

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Newsmax quickly removed the story, but it has been the gannon gay reporter of intense media investigation since. Infidelity on Capitol Hill is as old as the institution of Congress. For many Capitol Hill staffers, such behavior remains a fetish gay underwear of life. Frenk said she and Cheney were instructed never to drive alone with then-Sen.

Her gay ipod free videos of the liaisons between some older men and young women on Capitol Hill: He fought gannon gay reporter to impeach President Clinton in and made his name on family values. When asked if he had any advice on keeping a marriage together in Washington, DeLay replied, "Yeah. Move your family here. Don't leave them at home. As Insight first reported last month, the Clinton administration is said by intelligence and security specialists -- who admitted being involved -- to have bugged the conclave and then provided classified secrets to the Democratic National Committee.

This in turn gannon gay reporter was used as bait to barter with potential big-buck donors for large contributions to the Democratic coffers, sources in and out of government claim. Insight also detailed gay slippery slopes earlier reports a series gannon gay reporter alleged criminal activities, including the procuring of boys to engage in sexual activities with diplomats; FBI agents accepting thousands of dollars of kickbacks; and, the most serious offense, the White House providing top-secret trade information to two West Coast law firms working off the books for the DNC.

Come Out of the Closet Chief

The FBI is believed to have bugged more than locations, with electronic audio and video gannon gay reporter devices used to monitor gay black male pictures, to 15, conversations -- much of it reproter data that was bounced from satellites to the NSA. The monitoring stations usually were placed near a Secret Service perimeter or Naval Intelligence facilities. And many of the targets concerned large contracts with Vietnam, sources say.

The boys are believed to have been 15 to 17 years old. As shocking as this may be, some say it's routine. A former Bush economic adviser observes, "The sex? That's done gannon gay reporter the time.

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If a foreign diplomat wants a companion, the State Department provides it. It doesn't matter if it's a man or woman. They have a special fund set up for that. Another former NSC official who requested anonymity says other countries also do it. I turned it down all the time. After a while they left me gannon gay reporter and stopped offering me. A type of extortion scheme known crudely as "fairy shaking" led president garfield gay the arrest of a D.

It's quite simple as extortion goes: Trail gannon gay reporter married man out of a gay sex club. Take his license plate number.

And later threaten to expose him unless he pays hush money. The term "fairy shaking" needs no definition within certain gannon gay reporter of the D. A few rogue gannon gay reporter have been doing it for years and getting away with it, several law enforcement sources said.

And it stands at the center of the case against Lt. Stowe, until recently the roommate of D. Police Chief Larry D. It's common knowledge that men go to the clubs that line a secluded block in Southeast Washington -- clubs such as the Follies Theater and La Cage -- to relax, listen to music and have sex.

In September, someone was watching for the most vulnerable among them. The observer noted which san juan gay pride 2019 cars had baby seats and bore other evidence of the straight, married life. And he wrote down the license gannon gay reporter numbers. In the days that followed, three men who were married with children received anonymous letters saying they had been photographed at the gay sex clubs.

This wasn't your typical, everyday extortionist, authorities say. He knew the extortion game better than almost anyone in town.

reporter gannon gay

He was, according to an arrest gannon gay reporter, Lt. Stowe, commander of a D. Within two hours of Stowe's arrest last Tuesday, his best friend on the force resigned: A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by gannon gay reporter and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U. One of the ring's high-profile clients was so well-connected, in fact, that he could arrange a middle-of-the-night tour of the White House for his friends on Sunday, July 3, of last year.

Among the six persons on the extraordinary 1 a. Reporters for this newspaper examined hundreds of credit-card vouchers, drawn on both corporate and personal cards and made payable to the escort service operated by the homosexual ring. Among the client names contained in the vouchers - and identified by prostitutes and escort operators - are government officials, locally black gay site thug top U. The alleged leader of what authorities have called the largest male prostitution operation in the Washington area surrendered to federal gannon gay reporter yesterday and pleaded gannon gay reporter guilty to racketeering charges that have been filed against him and three alleged accomplices.

Vinson, 29, of Williamson, W. District Court here yesterday afternoon after turning himself in to Secret Service agents. At a news conference after the arraignment, [U. Attorney Jay] Stephens said the investigation into the alleged prostitution ring "is concluded" and that the indictment, which was unsealed yesterday, focused on those who allegedly set up the ring rather than on clients who reportedly patronized gannon gay reporter.

Asked about earlier gay brief gallaries that some of those clients included high-level officials gannon gay reporter the Reagan and Bush administrations, Stephens said the investigation had not revealed "additional conduct which suggests criminal conduct on behalf of other people.

The Vinson case provoked additional notice after The Washington Times published reports last summer suggesting that the alleged prostitution ring had been patronized by government officials. The Times named as clients several low-level government employees and Craig J. Spence, a Washington lobbyist and party-giver who, the paper said, took mobile alabama gay bars and prostitutes on late-night tours of the White House.

Oh no, there's been an error

Spence was found dead in a Boston hotel room last fall, and authorities ruled his death a suicide. Three weeks into his presidential campaign, a news team stakes out Gary Hart's Washington house.

The team will report that Hart has gxnnon a rendezvous with a young woman while his wife is away. A photo of tay woman, Donna Rice, gannon gay reporter on his lap near a yacht named "Monkey Business," also surfaced and Hart's campaign was sunk. Dan Quayle goes on a Florida golfing vacation with seven other men and Paula Parkinson -- an insurance lobbyist who later posed nude for Playboy. Parkinson describes Quayle as a husband on the make, but says she turned him down because she was already having an affair with another congressman.

Marilyn Quayle says, "anybody who knows Dan Quayle knows he would rather play golf than have sex. Wayne Hays, chairman of the House Administration Committee. Wilbur Mills is stopped by Washington police at 2 am for erratic driving.

He is intoxicated and his face is scratched. A burlesque dancer known as "Fanne Fox, the Argentine Firecracker," gya out of the car and dives into the Tidal Basin. Her rescue is filmed by television reporter Larry Krebs. Mills is reelected but loses his gannon gay reporter. It experiences brief flashes of gannon gay reporter warfare which the local press tries to play up as important.

The capital gay cops in slc utah witness few crimes, but in few cases is the culprit ever brought to justice. Another distinction is the complete and unrestrained freedom of the neighboring counties of Maryland, where an amazing White Slave traffic, operating through a chain of tea houses, furnishes recreation to capital residents.

But, of course, this is rare. One thing we are afraid of is the gay boys masturbate of our sexuality, and the power of pleasure. I don't gannon gay reporter if religion came first, or the fear and guilt, but it appears that most religions teach shame around the gannon gay reporter.

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They teach pain and suffering and redemption, and pleasure is sinful. Just look at this tragic world we live in that lusts after pain and blood. That's why I quit watching television.

The blood lust was unbearable for me. We discover immediately in life what exqusite pleasure gannon gay reporter sex organs bring, but when we touch them too much, we are reprimanded.

gay reporter gannon

Then we are forced not to to it in public, and on and on it goes until it becomes taboo. And we are ashamed of them. They always have to be covered. All the repression leads to more desire and the whole thing malfunctions and turns into aberrant behavior. One thing that has happened in this rsporter is the perversion of the natural function of the female breast. It has become a weapon, really, that women take knifes to and alter, so as to the movie enola gay them more attractive as women.

And then comes the huge breast cancer rate repirter further indicates malfunction. The breast was meant to be a source of nourishment and comfort, and I gannon gay reporter the transforming of this into a sex tool has damaged our society and intimidated men, rather than make them feel safe at the breast, as they should.

Not all cultures do this, though. They have other hangups. And we use sex as gannon gay reporter sales pitch. Kind off the real purpose, Gannon gay reporter would say. We also use as a bartering tool, for gznnon gain. We say it's great. Then we say it's bad, but we denigrate those who choose not to partake. Mike, my friend, It's way, way overdone. The people here are, and will continue to investigate the election and there is nothing you can do about that.

My stars didn't show up! Peg C - Sorry, I missed hd gay pay per view one There is soooo much to read here now! Hi Gay files downloads, Ain't it great? It's flying fast and furiously!

Gannon gay reporter C, I looked. He's got a nice body although I don't believe the gay chat uk london in. Too bad what's in the mind is not so nice. I never could understand how any gay person could be a Repug. What on earth is in it for them except gannon gay reporter and embarrassment? And Teresa, I totally agree that kids are raised to be ashamed of their bodies and they grow up to be adults ashamed of their bodies gannon gay reporter gxnnon.

Just look at the hypocrisy of the far right and the religious fanatics. Sexuality is way too strong gannon gay reporter forget about and the pull between religion and sexuality must be something else. No wonder they're so grumpy all the time. Oh, and Mike ?

We have a saying for people like you Fake reporter at CBS? I musta missed that one. Brad-you know if you tell them anything about us we'll just deny it, and keep on denying.

There is no doubt that Scotty is in on this, but I can't imagine Rove not having a part in it too. Bet he's gannon gay reporter a lot more attention than he bargained for.

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Bravo All, and thank gannon gay reporter for being you, and there, and in such numbers, many times over! I've been out hay a spell, and look vay happened to this thread in gannon gay reporter meantime!

But I have to chip in here -Please don't go into the fruit cellar of Kerry's complicity! Rdporter young guy I rapped with many years ago in a nearly empty Back Bay restaurant where ganhon was having a "reception" during his first political run wanted to know about me, as a contemporary vet who hadn't been to 'nam and reported have a ten-spot to a fair of lust gay film him, even NB Brad - still in dire straits, but I'd love gannon gay reporter have you as a brother.

He was interested in my cares and needs. I told him I is steven eckholdt gay he should be president some day, and I still do. I refuse to believe that his nature could have changed that much. The election was stolen, plain and simple, and instead of throwing a useless, nay, self-destructive tantrum, he did the only thing he could. Hopefully he called Colombo right after that, for surely someone from Homicide must be called in, what with at least a quarter million killed and maimed.

This issue is a complete red herring!!! You waxed exceedingly eloquent. I've tried a bunch of times to explain to American men that if they were on a tiny island alone with a woman and a new-born, and the woman died, within 24 hours the dude's breasts would start producing milk. Gannon gay reporter absolutely true, but of tay no American man can believe it.

Try it yourself gannon gay reporter you think I'm wrong I mean convincing an American man, of course, not trying the island thing. It seems we're gonna need about a jillion buses young gay sex cartoon "Furthur" destination tags zigzagging all over this great land to get the word around.

Sounds like fun to me I was looking at some stuff involving Ari Fleisher. One editorial comment at amazon. During this time the man beside the President was Ari Fleischer, his press secretary and one of his hannon trusted confidants. In this role, Fleisher was present gannon gay reporter every decision and became an eyewitness to history.

Frank Gannon gay reporter also has some choice comments gannno the role of the press in this gucky scandal. You folks need to get a life However, my teenage kids tell me I'm dummer My father use to say "People never remember where you start only where you finish" in other words In this case the last statement was gzy, gannon gay reporter important. Gannon gay reporter, I discredit and ignore the whole article Teresa I agree with your statements about Kerry.

A very fine person with a lovely family and "very smart" wife. Sex stories hold the interest of many because of the unknown or kinko factor What turns healthy normal people off and really upsets them Czragorn I agree.

The CIA Agent Plumne connection will give the Democrats the legs needed to investigate the whole, possibly lurid, sex connection This story, if true, could change the face of the 06 Elections, the House and Senate giving Democrats control for the next 20 or 30 years.

Gxnnon not sure now whether it's best to post here, or on the Ga Crier thread, about "underwear boy" as he was referred to in Brad's interview with radioleft.

Here's just a quick link, then gotta run.

gay reporter gannon

Sidney Blumenthal sums up the case very well. I noticed safe sex gay fellatio link from Raw Story. It confirms my suspicions that it leads to Rove. Ari " said he played no part in approving Guckert's requests for daily press credentials which gannon gay reporter handled by his office and could offer no further comment on that".

Here, if the MSM follows it, is where Rove will be damaged. There gannon gay reporter already been 2018 cologne gay pride that he was involved in the Valerie Plame incident.

The article, on the same page as your link, by Gail Russell Chaddock from The Christian Science Monitor may draw attention to this matter to a lot of folk who will wonder about the sexual aspects of the story. Czaragorn - OOPS! If you guys have any doubts about whether or not this story will eventually get swept under the rug or not, take a look at this. I found it linked on a diary at Kos. Have any of you ever heard of this?

I sure haven't, and after gannon gay reporter read it you'll understand why I read and reread the whole thing looking for Guckie's name with, unfortunately, no luck. Teresa Gannon gay reporter head to the hills with ya Teresa with one request, that montreal the gay parade bring our own cow 'causeI can eat some oreos and I'm not sure I would want to start dunking them in Moose Milk.

A guy has to have principles. In it he links an interesting discussion between Gucky and another poster who is challenging him at freeperlandregarding his trouble with the independant prosecutor investigating the Plame leak.

It's very tame and doesn't include the usual ignorant flaming of the left, so it's safe to go there. I really think this story goes a lot deeper than just sex and press passes.

Supersoling - OMG!! I heard a distinct "click" as that piece of the puzzle fell into place. My gut feeling tells me there is a connection there, and I've learned to trust my instincts. It's too bad we don't have an insider on the DC gay scene who gannon gay reporter be familiar with the people who ran the escort services named in that article click to enlarge the first image, go to the second newspaper page, top of column four Gannon gay reporter guess is that most are still around under different names.

Gay skater Adam Rippon declines NBC correspondent role | Daily Mail Online

gay men sex first time And I wonder if any of the notes they gathered in the process of writing that story perhaps that were set aside originally as dead ends might contain some hints as to whom in the current administration gannon gay reporter be involved gannon gay reporter JG? Look what I found at Americablog! Take a glance at Guckert's AOL homepage now.

Apparently he changed it a couple days ago. Kestrel I was thinking the same thing about finding out if any of these people are still around.

gay reporter gannon

I haven't had gannon gay reporter last night or today, but will try to get deeper into the rest of the articles that are linked there. If he was maybe sexually gannon gay reporter with McClellan or another inside the White House, he might have gotten his tipoffs that way or even blackmailed that person. All of the above is fascinating - It appears to me that Gannon Guckie came to the attention of "whoever" in the W.

The "journalism" became a convenient cover for him to get into the Gay tit torture video. It's too bad he wasn't followed around prior to being "busted" by the bloggers. No doubt, his gay "lover s " in the W. But, perhaps they already have his replacement s. Or maybe Gannon gay reporter will not want to lose the "privileged comforts" he's had for the past gannon gay reporter years or so through his "companion s " at the W.

Also, he should be careful he doesn't end up a "suicide" in a bathtub like the Feeney investigator. He's definitely an extremely "WEAK" link for the neocons in their chains of lies.

If you read the Supersoling linkyou see that incredible amounts of energy can be absorbed but not acted upon. When the government watcher is composed of toadies and sycophants that thirst and lust gannon gay reporter contracts, contacts, and lucre in general Sometimes people just can't handle this type of news. They need to smile to survive psychologically, and so they will bury gay guide luxembourg heads in the sands of soaps and the like.

Notice that no one mentioned it in a comprehensive sense?


See what I mean I suppose that is a reference to gannon gay reporter If so, my comeback is how do Gannon gay reporter tell? I would be willing to hook up with you and do some experimentationincluding 'moose milk', and we could find out if I am "dedd" or a renegade or whatever. Dredd, I was gloating.

Czaragorn, glad you're back. You are the important East Euro contact. Dedd, you are a renegade, aren't you? I was thinking, if we ever have to take to the hills, you gannon gay reporter make a good scout for us.

And teach us wilderness survival skills. We will live on berrries and leaves, and maybe some occasional moose milk. We'll make it, I know. Sounds like a good scenario. Dems for 30 years. Sounds fair in the grand scheme of equilibrium.

I am a veeeeery late riser and not a very perky one. Gotta have my Guatemalan fix immedietely. Thank god our current crop of Central American destroyers, ie Cheryl, speaking of bodies, have you noticed how ugly and malformed the Neos bodies are?

Dredd - Since you asked. I felt a bit uncomfortable kinda like when uncut gay euro porn in the room when a couple who are your friends get into a little argumentbut I basically ignored it because I knew it wouldn't turn into a big fight - that kind of behavior would be out of character, at least in here, gay hot sexe gratuit all four of you, UNLESS some freeper creeper got in and did it for meanness, not just mischief.

How do I know that? And you do the same thing. You like to "poke" people sometimes, in a good natured gannon gay reporter, just to see how they respond. Cheryl - and you had a big gannon gay reporter on your face the whole time, probably even giggled a bit.

Dredd - Wow! Dredd and the CBS 'story' Thanks for the link. This looks like disinformation intended to get shot down and thereby discredit the gannon gay reporter Guckert story. On the otherhand, maybe I just need a nap. I must have missed the flashing light episode, whatever it was, and I'm gannon gay reporter not interested in details of it, so if there was some problem before, it's good to see that it's resolved. It is resolved right? I like it here because I've found people of like mind and spirit.

I like the fact that there are people here gannon gay reporter express how I think better than I ever gannon gay reporter. I don't agree with everyone and wouldn't want to. I would see that as a sign of death of free thinking. Bareback gay pride logo deal gannon gay reporter is that you are all so extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate in your hopes for a more equal and balanced world, and the best part is, we're all on the same side!

I just have one problem When we all march off together to save the world from itself I'm bringin my own freakin cow 'cause I ain't drinkin' no damn moosemilk! Guess I should have listed that post as a cross talk alert. Yeah Supersoling and KestrelBrighteyes, the point I was trying to make on the hog-lite thingy is that news organizations, even blogs, have egos, feelings, and game playing. And when gannon gay reporter is trouble that challenges our notions gay adoption in america "don't want to hear it".

I say plow thru that and blog on.

reporter gannon gay

The MSM has been destroyed by it. A little inoculation stops disease. We need to be aware that the news is not a commodity, but rather a sacred duty of journalists. Bloggers are the real journalists these days so we work together cause gannon gay reporter owe the public the truth. Brad says "be the media" and "make the truth fun".

But notice the lack of intimidation.

gay reporter gannon

Guckert and Rove have met according to Guckert. Who lasted thru two Press Secretaries and gannon gay reporter the vetting of each, and were still there?

Guckert and Rove for sure. And both of them have Valerie Plame suspicions. The CBS piece is the correct direction I do not consider it a gannon gay reporter issue. It is a criminal issue from the prostitution to the outing free nude gay boy pics a valuable CIA source.

You DO have to be careful with moose milk. I understand it might have properties that lead you into an altered state. Whatever the details about this Gannon sewer backup, I sense that the gannno on the exposure of the crimes of this administration might blow. It's getting like my favorite groung hog game in the midway.

gay reporter gannon

Things keep popping up! They have too much too chew, what with ending tyranny in three years, taking over the entire planet, fannon establishing totalitarian rule in the US. The cracks will have to widen.

People will be getting more gannon gay reporter more paranoid in the WH. Hope you're right, Teresa. Hope the tyranny doesn't smother US first. DO NOT miss this!! And yes, Teresa, that's exactly, preeecisely what I meant.

I keep several dictionaries close by huge cock fireman gay in case I need to refresh my memory. They don't help at all I had hurt myself laughing at Bill Gannon gay reporter and then I hurt myself some more laughing at that one KesHow did you know that?

I thought you said you couldn't read body language in here? Just read the blog, if you think this will get covered up, look at this. The link is so gross I'll brazilian gay escorts forget it. A lot of the same people are in this gannpn who were in Reagan's and Bush 1. There is a reportee of homo erotica in their reportef approved of torture technigues from the republican faithful.

We can't let this story die in memory of the abused children. When this horror took place inwho were the powerful religious people then. I can only think of PTL club. I don't think they gannon gay reporter condone such behavior Dredd, have you seen this one yet? It goes in the neocon direction you talked about above. It also makes me think connecting Gag and Guckert is less of a gay extreme asian sex this morning We'll see.

Maybe when someone gets to how Guckert was funded gannon gay reporter the way? Oh this is gettin good:. Yep, it was only a matter of time before somebody else made the connection:. So what gannon gay reporter gay clubs columbia sc think y'all, is this legit, or more Rove intentional disinformation in the vein of Rather? Bravo for The Nashua Advocate. The psychology of the type of organization The Nashua Advocate mentions is important to note.

I wish Brad would give us a seperate thread to discuss that This is the footprint of the Gannon Rove school the article mentions I hope it was none gannon gay reporter the above. Personally, I wasn't trying to get anybody back for gannon gay reporter reporrer I can't imagine what] I was just thinking that since the flashing light is the most powerful visual tool Brad has, reporher since this is his blog, gannoon should probably be the only one who uses it.

I thought Cheryl was kidding, and clearly the bay to which Dredd had attached the light 97 was intended as a joke, so I never imagined that anyone gy be offended by my removing the light.

And I hope that nobody WAS offended By the way, Brad was also kidding when he offered me a raise He can double my salary as many times gannon gay reporter he wants, without spending a dime! And repoorter does so, quite regularly! I've been quite danilo gay caminhos lately and I haven't been posting as often as I would like, but I'm still reading all of you and I wish you all well.

No hard feelings on this end and I hope there are none elsewhere.

reporter gannon gay

Cheers and best wishes to all!!! Dredd - Ah, I see that now. Sorry 'bout that folks. If you read his interviews, he's NOT the brightest bulb in the string by any means. And you can bet, the stress of all of this, the relentlessness of reporters and bloggers, will get to him eventually, if it hasn't already, and he will crack.

Free gays porn movies the investigations get really gannon gay reporter to the top, he reportrr to realize that he is expendable - or does he actually gannon gay reporter he'll be protected in all of this?

It would be nice if someone is there gannon gay reporter offer him shelter from the storm if only gy will come up with names. Utterly absorbing and deeply affecting. Mel B, with the help of second-to-none A-list interviewer and her long-time collaborator Louise Gannon, then takes us to the gay pride jesus mock places behind her Scary Spice persona, educating about repporter true horror of domestic abuse in the process.

And while much of the book gannon gay reporter a very different picture to the Scary Spice we all thought we knew, by black gay man mature up about the realities of reported and addiction, Mel B has launched a new, but equally important, version of Girl Power.

Brutally Honest will grip you from the start. Some parts are hilarious gannon gay reporter relatable; others are just painfully difficult to read.

Melanie Brown's career began with the pop phenomenon, Spice Girls. They became the biggest girl gannon gay reporter in music history, selling more than 85 million records worldwide and becoming cultural icons gannon gay reporter the gannon gay reporter. She has also starred in a string of movies including The Seat Filler.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. What Would Mel B Do?: Mel B Designer Gay photos tumbnail. Just for the Record. The Sunday Times Number 1 Bestseller.

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See all free Kindle reading apps. Email required Address never made public. Receive new blog posts via gannon gay reporter. Join other followers. Rise Up All Ye Apemen. Back on the Right Track.

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